New features in the 2.1 release (Version history)

  • Added scheduler support for using direct connection (as an alternative to broadcast) for service discovery.
  • Add log filter on domain allowing to properly parse web server logs containing multiple domains.

Enhancements to existing features

  • Added support for log source MIME type detection.
  • Added the ability to ignore the case of on-site search terms.
  • Add support for drill-down to campaign content.
  • Add the user's email address to the error report's file name.
  • Updated the user interface to support the 1024x768 resolution.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bucket name configuration when downloading log files from Amazon S3.
  • Added support for stopping the Amazon S3 log file transfer if the log parser task is interrupted.
  • Fixed displaying the site total value.
  • Fixed detecting relevant alert reasons.
  • Properly computed the time after/before on-site search.
  • Fixed comparing average time on site when compare interval is enabled.
  • Fixed computing transaction totals for on-site search.