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Analyzing your visitors behavior is one of the most important factors that can affect your online business. Whether you own a website or you are in the SEO business, Advanced Web Stats is the most efficient tool for tracking performance and measuring success.

Analyze your statistics, optimize your content and measure your success.

Distributed Scheduler
Use multiple instances to distribute the processing power for log files parsing and reports visualization.

Load balanced Logs
Add multiple log sources to your profile if your website is load balanced over two or more servers to analyze the performance of your website.

Get advanced reporting and shopping cart analysis for an ecommerce website in order to properly analyze transactions and revenue by product or quantity.

Export Reports
Export and share the reports provided by Advanced Web Stats with your coworkers or clients in any of the following formats: PDF, XML, CSV or TSV.

Take advantage of additional reporting to track and analyze your marketing efforts over different periods of time.

Track Individual Sessions
Apply custom filters to produce a relevant sample of your website visitors to be tracked as individuals.

Analyze Site Performance
Get detailed information about your website performance using a large selection of reports and displaying a variety of graphs.

Instant Reporting
Check comprehensive, instant reports and track visitors behavior, server information, content performance or web-design parameters.

Benefit from having your data private by using the software in-house and configured to suit your requirements.

Analyze intranet resources and content protected by firewalls within your organization.

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Goal Verification
Check the number of conversions for your goals and verify if the conversions have met your expectations.

Fully customizable
Customize Advanced Web Stats layout by installing your own CSS style and set the header and footer with your company's information.

Drill Down Your Referrers
Drill down and get information about the traffic generated by your referrers. Track the incoming traffic from each referrer in detail.

Simple Wizards
Complete your tasks faster and easier using simple and intuitive wizards with step by step instructions.

Visitor Segmentation
Look at specific groups of visitors, and analyze their behavior separately, comparing the incoming traffic and their geographical location.

Keyword Analysis
Find your top performing keywords and spot which paid keywords and organic terms are generating traffic and conversions.

Campaigns analysis
Track all your online campaigns, from emails to PPC keywords, and make informed business decisions about your marketing spend.

Conversion Funnels
Setup goals for your site and define the conversion funnel towards the goals.

Set filters for specific reports to narrow the information that will be displayed within those reports.

Segmenting visitors
Compare one set of data with another one using advanced segmentation.

Hybrid Tracking Method
Collect data using both, JavaScript page tags and Web-Server log files to get comprehensive data results about your website. .

Geographic analysis
Target your marketing campaigns by analyzing the Geo location of your visitors (narrow them by Country, City).

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Website Navigation
Know on what page a visitor arrives on your site, from what page decides to leave and what content considers valuable.

Visitors Activity
Measure the visitors activity on your website and track the key performance indicators in time.

Pages and Content
Get comprehensive reports to determinate which pages are most popular or what types of files are most downloaded.

Technical Reports
Keep track on any errors that may occur on your website or check if you have broken links.

Server traffic
Identify the requests made by the visitors to your server and the total amount of traffic requested from your server.

Visitors System Performance
Check what Browser your visitors use or what OS have installed. Optimize your website to be compatible with your visitors browser, screen resolution or color depth.

Inbound Traffic
Discover new inbound links by using the Referring Sources List and track new sources of incoming traffic.

Customize a report the way you need and create a bookmark for that report, so you can have a quick access to it later.

Intervals Comparison
Compare different periods of time and identify the differences in visitor segmentation, website performance, goals achieved and much more.

Multiple Database Support
Select your preferred database engine for Advanced Web Stats to use.

Users & Groups
Manage profile access for users and groups, and assign permissions for different users with ease.

User Friendly Optimization
Give your customers a better site experience by effectively optimize your website to suit their preferences.

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