Web Log Analysis in plain English

Web Log Analysis SoftwareI have been thinking about the subject of the first article for the Advanced Web Stats Blog and I consider important that every visitor of our website is entitled to know what exactly a web server log file means, how exactly they are created and how you can use Advanced Web Stats to get insights about your website using them.

In the following article, I will try to describe the way how web log analysis works and direct you to the right resources which will help you configure Advanced Web Stats to monitor and analyze the interaction of your visitors with your website.

1. Visits to your website

So, the story starts with your visitors. The visitors of your website have the main role here once they land on your website and browse around for information. They might purchase your product or service straight away, look around and bookmark your website for a future visit or just bounce back and close their browser window 3 seconds later. But the most important thing is that they interact with your website. Of course, you are now interested how they do that and how you can get the most of it. Continue reading