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Track business objectives using
Conversion Funnels

Track your business goals and objectives and see how visitors match your funnels towards conversion.

Ecommerce reporting and shopping cart analysis

Analyze transactions and revenue streams for your ecommerce website using Advanced Web Stats's ecommerce reports.

Alerts for unexpected changes
of your metrics

Automatically receive notifications when the traffic of your website changes significantly so you can take immediate action.

When you create a conversion funnel, you actually create and track the stages the visitors of your website follow when browsing to achieve a specific goal.

You can setup goals to measure the number of subscriptions, downloads or purchases, but also to measure your visitors loyalty and regency over selected periods of time.

Measuring goals and analyzing conversion funnels will make a difference in the way you analyze your traffic and it will also reflect your business decisions.

The advanced shopping cart analysis and reporting will let you check revenue by product or quantity and transactions, so you can see what sources provide the most revenue and profit.

Additionally, you have available reports like "Visits to Purchase" or "Days to Purchase" to help you see how many times customers visited your site before the purchase or how many days it took them to decide.

Advanced Web Stats automatically monitors your website traffic and notifies you if unexpected changes in your metrics occur.

Traffic changes may occur due to search engine ranking changes, referrers not linking anymore or website not being indexed by search engines.

And because changes like these can not only affect your traffic, but your overall business, it is important to get notified when they occur so you can act immediately.

Analyze website traffic using
Individual Sessions

Advanced Web Stats lets you analyze your visitors individually and check the path they followed when they visited your website.

Hybrid Tracking Method to get
comprehensive data

Using a hybrid tracking method Advanced Web Stats collects data from both JavaScript page tags and Web-Server log files.

Advanced Segmentation
of your visitors

Check specific groups of visitors and analyze their behavior using advanced segments to help you find actionable insights.

It will display information about how an individual arrived on your website, what term/referral she used, how much she spent on site and what pages she visited.

Geo location and other details are available about individual visitors to help you better understand how they interact with your website and what needs to be changed on the website to offer them an improved user experience.

All these details will help you optimize your website to match your visitors preferences and improve navigation.

It provides you with comprehensive information about the way your visitors arrive on your website, how they interact with it, and also when and where they leave from.

Using this information you can find new ways of attracting visitors, improving existing marketing campaigns and convert more visitors into subscribers or customers.

The Hybrid Tracking Method helps you get accurate information because the data it's gathered directly from the user and flexibility in the type of data you want to collect.

By applying a segment in Advanced Web Stats you will get additional information compared with the information you already see on the chart and in the bottom table.

This will finally lead to having actionable insights that you can use to focus your marketing efforts into the right direction and get more visitors for your website.

Using Advanced Segmentation can help you understand the best sources of traffic and find new ways of getting more traffic.

I've been using Advanced Web Stats since its initial beta and I now use the Enterprise version. I have to say it is the best web stats program I have ever used. Support is impressive too with quick responses to any queries. Michael Shaw - French Connections

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